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Whistler Grand Condo Project Highlights

Project NameWhistler Grand
DeveloperCDL Pegasus Pte Ltd
AddressWest Coast Vale Singapore
Showflat LocationWest Coast Vale (Click here for more)
Developer Sales Hotline+6531386792
Est Indicative Selling Price RangeAbove S$ psf (Click here for more)
Tenure99 years
DescriptionWhistler Grand, another new condo at West Coast Vale, developed by CDL. Official information like project details, price list, showflat location and floor plans, please visit https://www.whistlergrand.com!
No of UnitsApprox 730 units
Unit sizes will range from 441 sq ft for one-bedders to 1,442 sq ft for five-bedders.
The penthouses start from 2,217 sq ft
Site Area (m2)19,591.5
Gross Floor Area (m2)54,857
Land UseResidential (Non-Landed)

Whistler Grand West Coast

In one of the most competitive bids, City Development (CDL) won the West Coast Vale plot where the company plans to develop Whistler Grand, another prestigious CDL residential home. The site is among the private housing site offered through a state tender. The site comes with a 99 years lease and measures 210,883 sq ft. CDL made the bid with Whistler Grand price mark hitting $472.4 million translating to S$800 psf per plot ratio.

This Whistler Grand land plot is estimated to have a breakeven of $1,250 psf with an average selling price of between $1,400 psf and $1,500 psf. According to Urban Redevelopment Authority, the West Coast Vale site is one that could house about two 36 storey towers, and it stipulated a max of 730 residential units for the plot with a good Whistler Grand Floor Plan.

Whistler Grand West Coast is well situated to allow the residents to maximize the exceptional local attributes alongside the strategic location to various amenities. Considering, how selective CDL is in the projects they invest in, the site has a lot to offer. CDL group said they see a lot of potential in the site they are to construct the Whistler Grand. The team is also seeking to look for opportunities where they can have land to invest as the the Singapore residential market is on the recovery trend.

CDL has made its name from some of the reputable projects that enjoyed massive success including Hundred Trees and Monterey Park Condominium. This explains why they are famous in the West Coast area. Whistler Grand appeals to prospective buyers looking to invest in valuable properties in Singapore. CDL, being a trusted company with a great team ensuring their projects remain unmatched in the construction sector, and the upcoming residential project is something to watch.

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6 Reasons Why West Coast Vale is one of the Best Places to Live in Singapore

Whistler Grand Swimming Pool

Whistler Grand Condo is set to be developed in West Coast Vale of district 5. The site is off Sungei Pandan and few distances away from the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE). The area benefits from the proximity to the Jurong Lake District and Clement Town which are expected to impact the potential capital appreciation of the residential area in future.

West Coast Vale is a developing private residential area with huge potential making it a highly sought after residential area. One of the outstanding factors that make West coast vale the serene environment that provides future residents of Whistler Grand West Coast a beautiful view of the district. If you are still wondering why you need to make west coast bale home to your family, here are some of the top reasons;

Top 6 Factors that Make Whistler Grand a Suitable Residential Area in West Coast Vale

When considering a property to invest your money, an essential element to consider is the capital appreciation, is the future gain expected to be positive or negative? This is why investing in Whistler Grand condo, will save you from other risky properties. Here are the factors that Whistler Grand makes it a worth your considerations.

  1. Well Connected

If you are looking for the best place to call your home, then its connectivity is something to have in mind. With such a great place like the upcoming Whistler Grand, transportation is at its best. The site is conveniently situated close to Ayer Rajah Expressway and West Coast Highway with proper connection to other parts of the city.

Additionally, Whistler Grand is just a few distances away from MRT station, and the residents of Whistler Grand can easily access town using the expressway quite easy. Alternatively, Whistler Grand Clementi residents can use the East-West line MRT alongside buses from Clementi. If you prefer driving your car, then you are not left out since it will take you a few minutes to drive to reach Orchard Shopping Area, Marina Financial District, and the Central Business District.

  1. Abundant Greenery

Apart from convenience, get to the greenery surrounding Whistler Grand site. The upcoming Whistler Grand condominium will be near parks such as Bukit Batok Nature Park and Sungei Pandan with nearby water bodies making it a great place to raise your family. The destinations are unlimited, and you could decide to spend peaceful moments at Big Box, Jem, and Westgate near Jurong Lake District.

One of the motivating factors for the development of Whistler Grand is the nature that surrounds the site, so, if you make a purchase, you can be sure to get the best from your surrounding unlike in other residential areas.

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  1. West Coast Vale Has Everything You Will Need

If you secure yourself one of the units at Whistler Grand, you can rest assured that everything you might need is within reach. While residents in other towns are limited to a single mall, residents of Whistler Grand have broader options. Another thing is that you don’t have to cover long distances to access the malls and shopping centers allowing you to get what you need in the least time.

The shopping centres around Whistler Grand are also packed with sundry shops, coffee shops, supermarkets, and restaurants offering various types of food allowing you to pick your favorite easily. Lots of other newcomers are also venturing into the area, and residents of Whistler Grand can look forward to a better lifestyle in the future.

  1. Whistler Grand is Next to a Business Centre

Another reason that makes Whistler Grand Condo appeal to buyers is its proximity to commercial and industrial hubs that allow residents to source employment readily. The excellent transport allows the residents of Whistler Grand to access offices easily. West Coast Vale is also a suitable place where established companies have to operate in with several facilities that make daily activities manageable.

  1. Good Schools

Any residential area remains incomplete if it lacks adequate educational facilities to cater for the education needs of its residents. It is for this reason that Whistler Grand is well located near several schools to provide the residents with access to education cutting across all levels. This makes Whistler Grand one of the best places where both you and your family members can benefit from access to learning facilities.

  1. Attractive Prices

Even though West Coast Vale is packed with excellent facilities, surprisingly the prices are not as high as in other residential areas. Most people will afford to buy a home at Whistler Grand enabling them to get a better place to stay. For buyers who need an affordable yet one of the best places to stay then, Whistler Grand makes a great option.

With the ever increasing job opportunities, the balance between work and fun, secure connectivity, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make Whistler Grand your next home.

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History, Milestones, and Achievements Of City Developments Limited (Developer of Whistler Grand)

Whistler Grand Near West Coast Plaza
City Developments Limited (CDL) is a prominent real estate firm operating globally in management, development, and investment. The company works with a network that spans across 100 locations in about 28 countries and regions. The group is listed in the Singapore Exchange with large market capitalization. It’s geographically diverse, and stable income portfolio entails serviced apartments, hotels, offices, residences, shopping malls and integrated developments.
The group’s track record is proven with over 40,000 homes constructed having estimated ownership of 18 million square feet lettable floor area across the globe. Although its major operations are based in Singapore, CDL also operates overseas in countries such as Australia, Japan, UK, and China.
The Group also has another listed subsidiary in the London Exchange, the Millennium & Copthome Hotels (M&C) which is one of the largest hotel chains and has over 135 hotels worldwide and most of them are in key gateway cities. Banking on their broad experience in the development and management of a diversified asset base the CDL group is also focused on making their performance of their portfolio better and making stronger their recurring income streams thus being able to deliver long-term sustainable value to the shareholders. The group is also looking to develop a fund management business with their targets of about US$ 5 billion in the Assets Under management by the year 2023.
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City Development Limited is focused on developing valuable properties in all their projects. They construct quality and innovative space to create charming homes that will secure your investment. Additionally, they the company doesn’t just build houses, they are environmentally conscious in all their projects. With a strong team and bonds with the community, alongside good partnerships they have managed to produce top-notch residential homes and Whistler Grand won’t be an exception.

Here are some of their residential properties:
• The Solitaire
• Tree House
• Trellis Towers
• Trevose Park
• Tribeca
• Wilkie Studio
• Villa De West
• Villas at Kew
• Volari
Check out here to find out other projects by CDL: http://www.cdl.com.sg

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Schools Around the Whistler Grand

Whistler Grand Condo Near Nan Hua Pri School

The Whistler Grand condo is located in an area that has many notable schools cutting across the levels of education. This conscious education region has enough schools to accommodate the learners from West Coast Vale. Being a basic need, the importance of education cannot be underestimated. This is why adding Whistler Grand to the list of your next favorite place to stay will benefit you and your entire family.

With various schools around both local and private, no resident of Whistler Grand is left out since the options are plenty enabling you to get the choice of education you need. The schools are also located a few distances from Whistler Grand which means that commuting won’t be an issue.

The following are some of the most notable schools in the area:
Primary schools;
  • Fairfield Methodist Primary School,
  • Qifa Primary School,
  • Jin Tai Primary School,
  • Clementi Town Primary School,
  • Pei Tong Primary School.
Secondary schools;
  • Nan Hua High School,
  • NUS High School of Mathematics and Science,
  • Fairfield Methodist Secondary School,
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Independent),
  • New Town Secondary School, Japanese Secondary School (Clementi).

Higher institutions of learning; ITE College West (Dover Campus), ITE College West (Clementi Campus), Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore Polytechnic, National University of Singapore.

Apart from these schools, play schools, international schools and day care centers and kindergarten are within reach from Whistler Grand.

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Nearby Shopping Centers Around Whistler Grand

Whistler Grand Condo Near The Clementi Mall

The West Coast Vale site has several shopping centers and amenities that are close to it making the lives of residents of Whistler Grand much more comfortable by providing them with destinations where they can spend quality time be it with with family or friends, leisure time, etc. In the region, these are the shopping centers close to the vicinity of the Whistler Grand.

Benefits of the nearby Shopping Centers To West Coast Vale residents

The Whistler Grand enjoys excellent convenience with the proximity to shopping centers allowing residents to access amenities easily. This makes Whistler Grand a suitable place to invest in such a developing area.

If you love going shopping, then there are lots of reasons why you should get make a home in a residential area that has an excellent connection to shopping centers such as Whistler Grand.

Here are some of the top benefits:

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  1. Access To Essential Amenities

Staying in places with limited shopping centers means accessing your day to day staff could be a problem. In fact, some residential areas you might need to overstock commodities to ensure that you are secured. Well, with Whistler Grand residences, this is not the case since the region is covered with plenty of shops to cater for your needs.

Additionally, you get to choose from a variety of shops which ensure that you get the best that the market has to offer. With no frustrations of supplies, Whistler Grand Condo is the place you want to make your home.

  1. Less Time Waste

In areas where the shops and malls are located far from your residence, you might need to cover long distances to access what you need. But, residents of Whistler Grand will benefit from the shopping facilities which are just walking distance away. This implies that you won’t waste much time making the whole shopping experience better.

  1. Access To Restaurants

With easy access to various restaurants around Whistler Grand, getting meals or drinks is easier. The restaurants in most malls and around the town are presentable, and you can spend quality time with your family and friends.

Some Of The shopping Centres Near Whistler Grand West Coast Vale Include:

  • The Clementi Mall
  • JEM Shopping Centre
  • West Coast Plaza
  • IMM Shopping Centre
  • Westgate Shopping mall

The shopping centers around Whistler Grand provide a great place to try out shops and brands or spend some time with their families. The food courts in the shopping centers also offer a wide variety of foods where people can

Whistler Grand
Whistler Grand

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